From Goodreads: “Introducing the next generation of domestic thriller…

Every marriage has secrets. Everyone has flaws. Your wife isn’t perfect – you know that – but then again nor are you.
But now a serial killer is on the loose in your small town, preying on young women. Fear is driving your well-behaved young daughter off the rails, and you find yourself in bed late at night, looking at the woman who lies asleep beside you. Because you thought you knew the worst about her. The truth is you know nothing at all.”

My Review

Wow this book was a real page turner and one that I really didn’t want to put down! I’d had my eye on it for a few weeks, requested it on NetGalley, and then put it to the back of mind. Then along comes Valentines Day and the publisher, Michael Joseph very kindly gives it out through a NetGalley widget! I downloaded it there and then and was hooked straight away!

I loved the voice of the husband who tells the story from his point of view. He’s family man who loves his kids and adores his wife. He came across as a really decent guy oh yeah and he’s also a tennis coach.

His wife Millicent is the perfect wife and perfect working mother. She’s one of those women that we all despise but secretly want to be like, you know attractive, super organised with a lovely family.

That’s all I’m going to say as you’re best going into this one totally blind, as it’s a superb thriller and there’s no way I want to spoil it for. Okay just one thing, clear your diary and find a comfy spot, because you are not going want to move once you start reading.

Thanks so much to NetGalley and Michael Joseph for my digital copy

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