Same Book, Different Cover Part 3


I love this meme created and hosted by Inge @The Belgian Reviewer highlighting the difference between covers for the same book. I’ve noticed the same thing happening with audiobooks as well, so let’s have a look at some covers.

Audiobooks are on the left and paperbacks/hardbacks/ebooks are on the right

I definitely prefer the dark blue cover for this one

The paperback version is much nicer than the audiobook cover

Both of these are audiobook covers, and I think they might the US and UK covers. I definitely prefer the more arty pink one on the left

I love the audiobook cover for this one, I don’t find the others eye-catching enough.

Without a doubt I prefer the audiobook cover as I find the other cover quite difficult to read.

Which covers do you prefer?

35 thoughts on “Same Book, Different Cover Part 3

Add yours

  1. So great to see this post again and thanks again for the mention! I think I prefer the lighter version of Lyrebird more but I entirely agree with all your other choices! Well it’s not a big surprise I love the pink cover of A Spark Of Light much more than the other one I think :-).

  2. ooh fab posts and I love seeing all the different covers! I think the only audio cover i prefer is the spark of light one and lyrebird – much prefer the books on the right for the others!

  3. Lovely post! I’m always interested in the different book covers for the same book and often wonder why they are so different. I have the dark blue hardback of Lyrebird and love it. I prefer the cover of A Spark of Light on the right – every time I see it I want to buy it (even though I’ve already read it on Pigeonhole!).

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