39692286Goodreads blurb: ” From the bestselling author of Soldier Spy, former MI5 officer Tom Marcus, comes the first in a thrilling new fiction series.

Matt Logan is an MI5 agent for the British government. Working on the frontline of counter-terrorism in the UK he’s trained to protect its citizens against all threats.
When two brothers known operationally as ‘Iron Sword’ and ‘Stone Fist’ are suspected of plotting a major terrorist event, Logan and his team work undercover to track them down. If they fail, an attack will be unleashed that will rock the country to its very core.

Frustrated by always needing to obey the rules, Logan yearns for a way to break through the red tape that hinders their progress. His wishes seem to come true when he is offered the chance to join a new, deniable outfit known as ‘Blindeye’. Then devastating news reaches Logan, throwing his world into turmoil. But one thing remains certain, he will join the team and become their fiercest, most ruthless operative . . .

Capture or Kill is the first in Tom Marcus’ breathtaking series featuring tortured MI5 operative Matt Logan.”

My Review

I read this book through The Pigeonhole, a free online book club. It was split into 10 parts, called staves, that I read through the nifty Pigeonhole app. I could interact with other readers and read the interview from the author that was shared throughout the 10 days.

I signed up for this book a while ago, but when it came to read it live on the app, with other readers I wasn’t in the right mood. I’d just finished two similar audiobooks. and needed a change so I waited a while before coming back to it. Fortunately with The Pigeonhole the book stays on your bookshelf for a month so you can still read it when the 10 days are over. This is what I did and I’m so pleased that I did because I enjoyed it immensely.

This book was a wild ride, it gripped me from the start and didn’t let go one bit. which is why I read within 24 hours! Tom Marcus’ fast paced story kept me flipping those pages on my phone until I got to the end. I couldn’t stop, I had to find out what was going to happen next to Logan and his new team, ‘Blindeye’.

I liked Logan the main character, although I don’t think I’d want to get on his wrong side, as he did have a few demons hanging around him. I guess anyone working in the secruity services is going to have a lot baggage considering what their job entails. I enjoyed the descritptions of how the team worked together, it showed how surveillance work is a lot less glamours than what’s shown in films and TV.

I highly recommend this if you enjoy thrillers, especially ones set in the world of MI5.