61z9LVV3RHL._SL500_Goodreads blurb: “1905 INDIA: Clarissa Belhaven and her younger sister Olive find their carefree life on their father’s tea plantation threatened by his drinking and debts. Wesley Robson, a brash young rival businessman, offers to help save the plantation in exchange for beautiful Clarrie’s hand in marriage, but her father flatly refuses. And when Jock Belhaven dies suddenly, his daughters are forced to return to their father’s cousin in Tyneside and work long hours in his pub. In Newcastle, Clarrie is shocked by the dire poverty she witnesses, and dreams of opening her own tea room, which could be a safe haven for local women. To provide a living for herself and Olive, Clarrie escapes her dictatorial cousin Lily and takes a job as housekeeper for kindly lawyer Herbert Stock. But Herbert’s vindictive son Bertie, jealous of Clarrie’s popularity, is determined to bring about her downfall. Then Wesley Robson comes back into Clarrie’s life, bringing with him a shocking revelation …
Set in the fascinating world of the Edwardian tea trade, THE TEA PLANTER’S DAUGHTER is a deeply involving and moving story with a wonderfully warm-hearted heroine.”

My Review

I’ve taken advantage of Amazon’s kindle unlimited 3 month trial for £1.99, and have been trying out different audiobooks.  Where two others didn’t grab me, this one hooked me straight away.

From the tea plantation in India to the grubby streets of Newcastle, I loved every single minute of the 15 hours and 42 minutes I listened to.  Sarah Coomes a new favourite narrator brought this story to life so perfectly as she became the many different characters with their various accents. She made me fall in love with young Will, despise nasty cousin Lilly, dread anything to do with entitled Bertie and Verity and hope for the very best for Clarrie and Olive.

This story had me tutting, gasping, shouting, tearing up and sighing will relief as I followed Clarrie’s journey. She was a wonderful character who I enjoyed spending my time with and will hopefully do it soon again in the next book.

I never really thought I liked sagas, but this book has definitely made me want to listen to more and I’m so pleased that there are three more in the series.

If you enjoy historical fiction with real characters who take you on a emotional roller-coaster you’ll love this book.