Screenshot_2018-11-20 Die Last - W F Howes LtdGoodreads blurb -“12 DEAD GIRLS
As dawn breaks on a snowy February morning, a refrigerated lorry is found parked in the heart of London’s Chinatown. Inside, twelve women, apparently illegal immigrants, are dead from hypothermia.
But in the cab of the abandoned death truck, DC Max Wolfe of West End Central finds thirteen passports.
The hunt for the missing woman will take Max Wolfe into the dark heart of the world of human smuggling, mass migration and 21st-century slave markets, as he is forced to ask the question that haunts our time.
What would you do for a home?”

My Review

Wow what a fantastic listen this was! Even though I’ve got more than enough books to read and listen to, I didn’t fancy any them so had a browse on the rbdigital app on my phone for a new audiobook. I started this on Monday and finished it this morning, so a 24 hour listen!

This is book 4 in the Max Wolfe series, a series I’ve not read before, but it felt like a standalone to me, as it hooked me from the first few sentences. I really liked Max the main character, he came across as a good bloke, but certainly not a pushover when dealing with London’s criminal underworld. He’s got a 6 year old daughter Scout, a dog called Stan and Mrs Murphy, an Irish lady who looks after all them. He also has an ex-wife, but she only came up in passing thoughts, so I didn’t find out what the story about their relationship. I really liked the fact that he didn’t seem to have the usual baggage that detectives are burdened with in crime novels, which made me like him even more.

I enjoyed the investigation Max and his team are involved with finding the people responsible for the dead women in the lorry. There were so many twists and turns in this book that really surprised me and I kept changing my mind about who the guilty suspects were.I also like the way Max explained different aspects of police work to the reader something I’ve not come across before and think worked really well.

Colin Mace narrated this audiobook, and was absolutely perfect for it. He become all the characters for me, including the Irish Mrs Murphy and the different nationalities that Max comes across in his investigations. I’m looking forward to listening to the other audiobooks in the series, in fact I’ve downloaded the next one already.

I definitely recommend this series if you enjoy police procedurals, crime novels with contemporary themes and especially if you enjoyed Eva Dolan’s Zigic and Ferreira series.