Goodreads blurb “A sweeping, coming-of-age story set against the richly atmospheric backdrop of colonial Kenya in the 1920s.
THE HUNTERS is narrated by Theo Miller, fifteen when he first arrives in the country, the son of the new Director of Kenyan railways.
Falling under the spell of the glamourous Happy Valley set, he is seduced by rich, reckless Freddie and enchanting Sylvie.
But behind their allure lies a dangerous cocktail of love, lust and betrayal that Theo must navigate and all the while, dark clouds are gathering over his family and fortunes as Africa changes around them.”


My Review

This book captivated me for the very beginning as I was transported to 1920s Kenya. IΒ  loved the sense of place, the wonderful descriptions of the scenery, the heat, the dust, the wildlife and the people. I immediately became a fly on the wall as Theo took in his new surroundings and neighbours. His obsession felt so real as the author’s writing put me right inside his head, as his thoughts were only about Sylvie and Freddie and being a part of that elite group.

The crowd that Theo fell in with were such awful people, jumping into each others beds and marriages, insulting one another, treating the local people like idiots, speaking about them as though they weren’t there. I was horrified and disgusted by their behaviour and sided more with Theo’s sister Maud, who was normal by today’s standards.

Theo’s obsession takes him to some difficult situations that were unpleasant to read, as his behaviour becomes more desperate to fit in with these rich,Β arrogant, selfish people.

I think you can probably tell that I didn’t like the Happy Valley Set, but I had to keep reading to discover how it was all going to end for Theo.

I definitely recommend this book if you enjoy historical fiction.

Thanks so much to Abbie at HarperFiction and Borough Press for my ARC.