pexels-photo-261768As mentioned in a recent Top Ten Tuesday post I wasn’t much of a re-reader, until last year when I discovered the joy of re-reading a favourite book.

I always thought that re-reading was a bit of a waste of time, I mean why read something old that you know inside out, rather than discover something new and exciting?

As book bloggers we read and enjoy a lot of ARCs, be that directly from publishers and authors, or via NetGalley and Edelweiss. Between those advanced copies we also try to read our own books, faithfully waiting on the shelves for a look in between those wonderful proofs.

Some time last year I remember feeling a bit low and in need cheering up, but I wasn’t too sure what to do. Read an ARC, library book or maybe listen to an audiobook? I went for an audiobook through my library, even though I’d listened to it earlier in the year, The Wedding Diary by Margaret James, that I knew would be a perfect fit for my mood.

It was and had me smiling and laughing out loud as I saw the events take place in my mind’s eye. My mood was instantly lifted and I thoroughly enjoyed my re-reading/listening experience.

I must admit that I did feel very indulgent listening to something I’d only listened to six months before, when I also had ARCs and library books calling to me, but it also felt so right. It really didn’t matter that I was already familiar with the story, in fact it probably helped that I could concentrate more on the characters rather than trying to second guess the plot.

I never would have guessed that this would be one of the great pleasures of re-reading, luxuriating in the descriptions and relaxing into the story.

I’d love to know if you re-read or listen again to your favourite books?