cover127092-mediumGoodreads blurb: “On her 50th birthday, Missouri Rothman did not get the Tahiti vacation she dreamed of or the surprise birthday party she expected. Instead, a university student totalled her car, her boss – after 16 years of loyal and excellent service – gave her a letter of termination, and her professor husband of 32 years asked for a divorce so he could marry his post-doc student with the 18-inch waist and perky boobs. Half a century old, jobless, and with only a high school diploma, Missouri must take the lemons that life has thrown her and make the best lemonade ever – even if it means travelling to Italy alone to do it.”


My Review

This was my last book of 2017, and what a lovely book to finish off my year of reading on New Year’s Eve! I was drawn to this title because both me and the main character were approaching our 50th birthdays. I needed something to cheer me up and this cover looked very cheery indeed.

I really liked Missouri, and felt so sorry for the way her lousy husband treated her. She was a lovely character who felt very real, reacting the way she did considering her circumstances. Her character development was very natural, going from shock horror to self pity and self doubt, to the thought that maybe she could change her life with the right help.

I loved the Italian setting, and really enjoyed how Missouri immersed herself in her new life, being enraptured by it all. It wasn’t all plain sailing though, as you can imagine, but this added to the story, as life threw the unexpected lemons Missouri’s way on more than one occasion.

An easy read, with a wonderful life affirming storyline for women of a certain age. Life doesn’t stop at 50 it just begins. 😉

Thanks so much to NetGalley and Black Rose Writing for my digital copy.