It’s unquestionably the least demanding bookish meme on the interwebs, so join in!

Six Degrees of Separation is a monthly meme hosted by Books Are My Favourite and Best. The idea is to start with the book that Kate gives us and then create a chain of six books, each suggested by the one before…

This month we begin with Stephen King’s It, a book I have no intention of reading as I don’t like horror.

I have read Stephen King’s 11.22.63 as I do love a good conspiracy theory. Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy King’s version, but I’m more hopeful with David Bishop’s Doctor Who take on it in Who Killed Kennedy. Keeping it with that infamous family, I loved Laurie Graham’s book the Importance of Being Kennedy and have had her Gone With The Windsor’s on my tbr for ages. Wallis Simpson keeps cropping up in my reading at the moment and I can’t wait to pick up Another Woman’s Husband by Gill Paul, which I have out from the library at the moment.

From a horror story to a love story, via a conspiracy theory, Doctor Who, the Kennedys and The Windsors. Hope you enjoyed the trip!