36452063When Catherine started behaving oddly, her friends and family were a little concerned. ‘It’s a mid-life crisis’ people whispered around her as she took to Edinburgh’s Royal Mile to busk on an instrument she couldn’t play. ‘She’s looking for a toy boy’ others gossiped as she drove an armoured people carrier under the carefree instruction of a teenage boy.

But when she auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent, with not a shred of talent to her name, people began to worry about her sanity.

This middle aged woman’s response to hitting the big four oh will have you laughing with her, and at her. And maybe, just maybe, it will inspire you to make your own crazy list of ‘firsts’ to celebrate your next big birthday.

My Review

I really enjoyed this book, a memoir of how the author celebrated her 40th birthday, with a young family, and without breaking the bank. I loved the brilliant list of activities she wanted to try for the first time with the help of family and friends.

Some of favourite chapters were
Make Pizza the Authentic Way
Busk on the Royal Mile
Drive a Tank
Appear on a Game Show
Feed the Penguins at Edinburgh Zoo

I especially enjoyed the chapter when she let her toddler dress her for a week. It made me think of how fun it would have been letting my son do this to me when he was small.

This book really did make me smile and I thoroughly recommend it if you’ve got a big birthday coming up and you’re not sure if you want to celebrate it or not.

Thanks so much to Catherine Winton for getting in touch and providing a copy of her book to read and review.

Forte is my Forte is available now.