41cxnbhoYTLThe Perfect Victim is the brilliant follow up to Breaking Dead, Corrie Jackson’s debut from 2016.

I first came across this crime series last year and have been waiting for a whole 12 months to read this next book. Was it worth the wait? Yes, it certainly was!

As soon as I started it I knew it was going to be fantastic read. There were so many twists and turns to this and big reveal was just brilliant. It’s fast pace had me flipping the pages so quickly that the time whizzed by and I’d reached the end before I knew it.

Sophie’s latest story centres around the body of a woman found floating in the Thames by a jogger. As she digs and finds out more, she discovers that the dead woman was somehow connected to Charlie Swift, a good friend and work colleague. She can’t believe it and does everything she can to clear his name.

It was so good to get back to reading about Sophie’s exploits on the crime desk, and how she goes about uncovering this latest story. I know she’s a journalist, and they’re not the most liked people on the planet, but I can’t help admire the way Sophie gets people to open up so she can find out more.

She still has her demons to struggle with, particularly the storyline from the first book about her brother. She’s still not sleeping well and drinking too much, all the time trying to hid it from her boss, but she keeps going to help her friend Charlie and his wife Emily.

There are so many interesting themes in this book, re-invention, domestic abuse, secrets, cults and more, that it would make a fantastic book club read.

I thoroughly recommend this series if you enjoy crime reads, especially if you want to be kept guessing.

Thanks so much to The Nudge and Readers First for my copies.

The Perfect Victim by Corrie Jackson is published on 16th November 2017 by Zaffre Publishing.

I’ve ended up with two copies and will do my first giveaway if there’s enough interest. So please comment if you’d like one. 🙂