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About the Book

32505356Íso Perdido, a young Guatemalan woman, works at a fertility clinic at Ixchel, named for the Mayan goddess of creation and destruction. Íso tends to the rich women who visit the clinic for the supposed conception-enhancing properties of the local lake. She is also the lover of Dr. Mann, the American doctor in residence. When an accident forces the doctor to leave Guatemala abruptly, Íso is abandoned, pregnant. After the birth, tended to by the manager of the clinic, the baby disappears.

Determined to reclaim her daughter, Íso follows a trail north, eventually crossing illegally into a United States where the rich live in safe zones, walled away from the indigent masses. Travelling without documentation, and with little money, Íso must penetrate this world, and in this place of menace and shifting boundaries, she must determine who she can trust and how much, aware that she might lose her daughter forever.

My Review
This book turned out to be a very pleasant surprise, as I wasn’t too sure if I was going to enjoy it at first. The simple prose grew on me, and I couldn’t put it down in the end, desperately wanting to discover what happened to Íso and her baby.

As a mother I was rooting for Íso the whole time, although I did wonder what her plan was.  I was very glad to discover that she wasn’t a ‘bad-ass’ woman on the rampage, but a young mother who was quietly determined to get her stolen baby back.

The description of her journey to the United States was so clear in my mind’s eye as I was reading and felt for her as she struggled to keep out of harm’s way. I enjoyed meeting the different characters she met along the way, making me wonder how I would behave in each situation.

I definitely recommend it if you prefer quiet determined characters rather than super hero ‘badass’ types.

Thanks so much to Duckworth Overlook for my paperback advanced reading copy.

Stranger A Novel by David Bergen is published on 7 September 2017 by Duckworth Overlook.