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About The Book



Helen Cooper has a charmed life. She’s beautiful, accomplished, organised – the star parent at the school. Until she disappears.

But Helen wasn’t abducted or murdered. She’s chosen to walk away, abandoning her family, husband Sam, and her home. Where has Helen gone, and why? What has driven her from her seemingly perfect life? What is she looking for? Sam is tormented by these questions, and gradually begins to lose his grip on work and his family life. He sees Helen everywhere in the faces of strangers. He’s losing control.

But then one day, it really is Helen’s face he sees…


My Review

I was intrigued after reading the first few chapters through Readers First ‘first look’, and then won a copy to read and review. I couldn’t wait to find out what had happened to Helen, and why she walked away from a seemingly perfect life.

The story unfolds through the different points of view, of Sam, Helen’s husband, Miranda his eldest daughter, and Lara a single mum at Miranda’s school. I confess that I skimmed Sam’s chapters sometimes as he really annoyed me. I even ended up shouting out loud at him on quite a few occasions. Good job I was at home and not in a café having a coffee!!

I enjoyed Lara’s part of the story as I liked her and felt a lot of sympathy for her situation. Miranda’s version of events was very well done even though I didn’t like her.

Helen’s point of view was rather sparse and only really appears towards the last third of the book, when you find out why and how she disappeared. I definitely would’ve enjoyed reading more about her, as I admired her, and her ability to just up sticks and walk away.

I would recommend this if you enjoy character driven domestic dramas, as there is a lot in this book.