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June Wrap Up


Where did June and the last six months go? I spent the last two weeks of June on holiday in Cornwall and didn’t actually read as much as I hoped to. Never mind, I did have a lovely holiday hiking with my husband and son, enjoying the wonderful views and sunshine, when it wasn’t raining.

I only read seven books this month, and only two of those were for the #20 Books of Summer challenge, a pity not all seven were for the challenge.

I enjoyed these audiobooks immensely and it’s confirmed that I really do prefer this medium for reading. You can read my review of English Lessons here, it’s a short memoir of an American student’s time in Oxford, England. I’ll be adding mini reviews of the other audiobooks soon.

I also read The Hate U Give by Angela Thomas, Nutshell by Ian McEwan and                        The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett. These were all outstanding reads for me and I’ll be adding mini reviews for them soon.


As planned I joined in with quite a few different memes this month:

Standalone Sunday, First Line Friday, Top Ten Tuesday, Waiting on Wednesday, WWW Wednesdays!, Tuesday Tuesday, Throwback Thursday, It’s Monday What Are You Reading Now? and Goodreads Monday, Bookstagram Sunday and six Degrees of Separation which is great fun. I also took part Down the TBR Hole tag a few times and will keep on with this tag as it was strangely cleansing, even though it’s a virtual shelf.

How was June for you?

I’d love to hear about your month in the comments.




16 thoughts on “June Wrap Up”

  1. Hallo, Hallo Nicki!

    This Thursday I’m releasing my #BookishNotBookish Thoughts where I focused on the past six months of the year as a bit of a ‘seasonal’ recap rather than a weekly/bi-monthly recap. I lost traction with this meme I love participating in and picked the 10 things I still felt important to share with my readers.

    Similar to you, I am finding my passion for audiobooks *increasing!* as I enjoy the soundscape aspect of it and of course, I love my new hobby of colouring alongside ‘listening’ to the stories themselves. Colouring allows me to feel hugged close to the narrator’s impression of the story-line and I feel I can concentrate more readily than if I were to attempt to listen w/o colouring.

    Ironically, when it comes to podcasts, if I work on commenting on blogs and/or colour I get the same effect but I don’t necessarily have to colour in order to follow a podcast as I think it’s too similar to listening to talk radio. Stories by definition are immersive and I find colouring allows me the suspension I crave when reading if I were reading a print book.

    I’m going to have to read through your audio selections and see if any are avail to me (via OverDrive) and/or see if I could potentially place purchase REQ at some point. I’m putting together my list for JULY ATM.

    PS: I *love!* Jacqueline Winspear!

    I float into Top Ten Tuesday and #WWWeds time after time. I keep debating if the Weds posts should be bi-monthly or monthly, as I blog so much on them, it’s hard to maintain them weekly as I have a lot of stories I’m reading per week. I’m still sorting out which weekly/monthly/quarterly memes I want to participate in but #BookishNotBookish, #LibraryLoot and #WWWeds have given me more joy over Top Ten Tuesday as it’s sorting out the ’10’ for the list which tends to vex me. I have a Tuesday List I need to release — oh dear, I meant to do that today! lol It’s been held over since April/May?

      1. I’d be delighted! 🙂 I am in the mix of several books ATM to where getting to listen to The Chaperone after my #AudioBookMonth poll concluded has been unique! :/ At some point, I shall persevere! I cannot wait to see your discussion post go LIVE! I’ll be coming back round to participate! Also – blessed for your visits on my #ChartonMinster posts recently! I’m working on a guest feature about the series (more as I get closer to sharing!) — one thing I’ve found about *borrowing!* audiobooks is it’s easier via OverDrive (or insert your library’s preferred service) as I was speaking to fellow Audies at my library; they said, if you borrow the CDs you’ll get disappointed w/ the misuse of them! Hadn’t even thought of that as a possibility! Ergo, I’m thankful I have OverDrive to use! 🙂

  2. I plan to read THUG soon- my library has it on audio, so right now I’m planning to ‘read’ it that way. With so many review books, audio is how I can get to something quicker. I look forward to your discussion post on audiobooks!

  3. I do want to read Nutshell and I’m glad to hear you’ve enjoyed it – there was such a mixed reaction to this book – I’m trying to squeeze my 20 books into my other reads to – so want to complete the challenge in the time period this year!

  4. I’m glad you had a nice vacation! I really want to read Nutshell and THUG soon. I am starting to enjoy having a few audiobooks around too. It’s a nice change at times. I look forward to your post. Happy reading!!

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