First Line Friday, meme

First Line Friday



“Stuck in a sewer, hunting goblins. What a life”, Felix Jaeger muttered with feeling.

My choice for this week is from Skavenslayer by William King part of the Gotrek & Felix First Omnibus.



Gotrek & Felix return to the city of Nuln to lie low and gain some steady employment. Being a sewer-jack would seem to be fairly mundane work until the skaven raise their furry heads. The maze of sewers provides a perfect staging post for the foul chaos rat-men, as they seek to overwhelm the city. Luckily there are two people below ground who like a good fight.






I don’t read fantasy but my husband and son love it and really enjoyed these books.

What about you, would this first line draw you in?





5 thoughts on “First Line Friday”

  1. That first line is a winner! Sometimes, I read the first page of a book before deciding to buy/read it, and that line would have urged me to read more. I don’t generally read straight-up fantasy, either, but my husband would probably enjoy this.

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