32874095Blood Sisters by Jane Corry is an absorbing read about a moment in time that permanently alters the lives of one family. It’s a dual time novel alternately narrated by two sisters, Alison and Kitty, told in the present day and 16 years earlier.

Alison is an art teacher who lives with the desire to right the  wrongs of that fateful day, she doesn’t enjoy life and lives in modest circumstances almost living with a martyr complex. Kitty is mentally and physically disabled living in a care home with only weekly contact from her mother.  Kitty is unable to talk although she makes perfect sense in her own head so her narration is told from her thoughts.

The story was slow to get going but it eventually hooked me and I really wanted to find out exactly what happened on that fateful day. This is a book with lots of layers, twists and turns with the tension building constantly. The Alison and Kitty’s worlds felt so real that even though I’d only been reading for a few minutes I felt like I been ‘gone’ for hours.

I definitely recommend this if you enjoy books about family relationships and family secrets. This was my first book by Jane Corry and certainly won’t be my last.

Thanks so much to nudge-book.com for my paperback copy which really did enhance my reading experience.

Blood Sisters is published by Penguin on 29th June 2017.