This weekly meme is brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish.

Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book




1 Naked Men on Front Covers

I don’t see the attraction at all so a big turn off.

2 Fantasy

I don’t read fantasy except for the Narnia books, so anything in this genre gets a thumbs down.

3 Shortlisted for Book Prizes

These are normally literary fiction which I don’t enjoy so no chance I’ll pick them up.

4 Cartoon Cover

Anything with a cartoon cover that isn’t a comic or graphic novel is a big no no for me.

5 Couples Kissing on The Cover

Like the naked men this is another big turn off

6 Novels Written by Celebrities

I’ve tried a few over the years and haven’t liked many, so I’d rather read a memoir by a famous person than their latest novel.

7 Hyped Up Books

I’ve been caught out with these so many times that I just don’t bother any more.

8 Children

Anything to do with childhood abuse I can’t even look at, so I’m very likely to give a book with a child on the front cover a very wide berth.

9 Vampires

No thanks never seen the attraction with Twilight or anthing vampire related

10 Classics

I’ve tried over the years to read classic literature but I still don’t like it.