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Blogging From A-Z Challenge -E

I’m taking part in the Blogging From A-Z Challenge April 2017.

Today’s letter is E and the book I’ve chosen is Extraordinary People by Peter May the first in The Enzo Files series set in France.



18867320Ten years ago, Jacques Gaillard disappeared from Paris. No investigation has yet led to any clue as to whether he is missing – or murdered. Challenged to solve the mystery once and for all, Enzo Macleod must use new science to crack a cold case. Once a forensics expert in his native Scotland, he’s been reduced to teaching biology in Toulouse. But this is a job he can’t refuse. Gaillard tutored the most powerful men in France; he had old friends in high places

Finally he finds a trace of Gaillard; unfortunately, it’s only his head. So when he discovers items embedded within the skull, it gives Enzo the perfect chance to put his skills to use – and send him on a trail after the rest of the missing man. Unaware that he’s also following in the footsteps of their murderer…


What do you think of my choice for the letter E?

Which book would you have chosen?


6 thoughts on “Blogging From A-Z Challenge -E”

  1. I would have selected the book based on the cover 🙂 I love all things French… and enjoy a good mystery. I will definitely check this one out!

    Great A-Z theme! I look forward to adding more books to my TBR list throughout the month.

    My theme is journaling.
    Journaling: G is for Gratitude

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