meeting_the_muse“What does it take to achieve our creative aspirations, and how do we bring to life the ideas and the stories deep within us? Milton Green had an answer to this very question: He just had to meet his muse. If he could only find his inspiration, then all Milton’s greatness within would surely burst forth and he would finally write a prolific and critically acclaimed novel.

Well, as fate would have it, after an unexpected event (getting fired) and an impulsive reaction (getting drunk) Milton finds himself in an out of body experience to meet the very person he’s been seeking: The Muse!

So what does the Mansion of the Muse look like? What wild and wonderful rooms does it contain? How many adventures and revelations can one have there? Milton discovers the answers to all these questions as he is taken on a tour by the Muse, from room to room, and along the way learns just what it means to not only find your inspiration, but to truly connect with it.

Meeting the Muse is a funny, thought provoking story that weaves a tale of how inspiration and perspiration work together to create art that makes a difference in the world and our own lives.”


This is such a fun story that I read very quickly, as the plot made me want to find out what happened when Milton finally got his chance to question The Muse. I could really identify with Milton and his idea of having written a best-seller without doing the hard work. The Muse himself was a great character full of fun, energy and wisdom  I definitely recommend this modern parable for living a creative life.

Meeting The Muse by Mick Mooney is published in Kindle format today 14 February 2017.

About the Author

Mick Mooney is a storyteller at heart and a life-long student of human nature. His books are both entertaining and insightful, and revolve around the quest for inner freedom and the pursuit of a life directed and empowered by love.

You can connect personally with Mick on his website:, via Twitter: @mick_mooney and on Facebook: