Choose a book from your shelf and post the first sentence.

I’ve chosen my First Line Friday from Jasmine Nights by Julia Grigson.

It was only a song. That was what he thought when she’d put her hat on and left, leaving the faint smell of fresh apples behind. 

At12136325 twenty-three, Saba Tarcan knows her only hope of escaping the clamour of Cardiff Bay, Wales, lies in her voice. While travelling Britain, singing for wounded soldiers, Saba meets handsome fighter pilot Dom Benson, recovering from burns after a crash. When Saba auditions to entertain troops in far-off lands, Dom follows her to London.

Just as their relationship begins to take root, Saba is sent to sing in Africa, and Dom is assigned a new mission in the Middle East. As Saba explores Cairo’s bazaars, finding friendship among the troupe’s acrobats and dancers, Dom returns to the cockpit once again, both thrilled and terrified to be flying above the desert floor. In spite of great danger, the two resolve to reunite.

With a good mixture of travel, romance and espionage, this is a perfect book to snuggle up with on cold winter nights.