Here’s a Q&A I did recently for Inge@TheBelgianReviewer

The Belgian Reviewer


I welcome Nicki from Secret Library today to my select group of Blog Friends. Nicki is quite the cook. She would love to try out making fish soup after reading the book I ♥soup by Beverly LeBlanc. On a more bookish note, she started her blog in 2012 but really started blogging regularly as from June this year. Nicki participates in Standalone Sundays, a weekly meme where standalone books are given some special attention. (hear, hear).

She likes several genres: women’s fiction – be it contemporary or historical, romance – but not too cheesy – and thrillers. There’s only one condition for that last one: a book has to hook her from the first few chapters or it doesn’t make it. She’s a really nice and friendly person and I invite you all to go to her blog and give her a like if you haven’t already!

Now on to the task at…

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