Book blurb “Nancy is focover98431-mediumur, nearly five. She talks all the time: in the car, on the way to nursery, to her brother, to her collection of bears. And then one day everything changes. Nancy’s mum and dad split up, her father moves across the country, and Nancy stops talking.

Eva is forty-four, nearly forty-five. She always knew marrying a much older man meant compromises, but she was sure it was worth it – until Mick dies suddenly, leaving Eva with only his diaries and a voice in the back of her mind telling her that perhaps she’s sacrificed more than she meant to.

While Nancy’s parents negotiate their separation, the question of weekend contact is solved when her father volunteers his sister Eva’s house. As spring turns to summer, a trust slowly begins to form between a little girl with a heartbreaking secret, and a woman who  has realised too late that what she yearns for is the love of a child.”

My Review

This is such a lovely book that hooked me from the start, making me feel so at home and a part of the characters lives. This is my first book by Lucy Dillon and certainly not my last. I enjoyed this so much I’ve borrowed two of her previous books from my local library. If you’re looking for a cosy book to read during the long winter nights I thoroughly recommend this.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the advanced digital copy.