#BookReview: Breaking Dead by Corrie Jackson

Breaking Dead is a brilliant debut thriller by Corrie Jackson, first in a series featuring Sophie Kent, a newspaper journalist working and living in London. It 14559950_10154636910599612_1336365070204230010_ostarts off with a bang with Sophie covering the story of a teenager murder for her paper. Whilst looking for witnesses to interview, she meets a beautiful but distraught Russian model whom she befriends. When the model’s body is found brutally murdered in an upmarket hotel, the night before the opening of London Fashion Week, Sophie is overwhelmed with guilt and determined to bring the killer to justice.

This was a great thriller that felt more like part of an already established series rather than a debut novel. It had a great pace which hooked me from the first page right until the end. It had some extremely creepy elements, particularly the short scenes when alone with the killer’s thoughts. It made me squirm at times when the writing got quite dark. I had an idea who the murderer might be, but there was an outstanding twist that I didn’t see coming.

I loved Sophie’s character, not her job, but the fact that she persevered in spite of her personal demons and difficulties at work. I loved the setting within the fashion industry, with all the gossip and intrigue playing out, how I’ve always imagined it to be.

I highly recommend this to thriller fans and can’t wait to meet Sophie again in the next book in the series. I suppose this could work in a book club situation, but there are some very gritty parts that might be too difficult to talk about in such a setting. Thanks to nudge-book.com and twenty7 for the copy.


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