Favourites 2016, Women's Fiction

Family Secrets

Thanks to NetGal32179161ley and Red Adept for the advanced copy.

Set in New England this a story about the secrets a mother has kept from her family for over forty years. A surprise phone call from a hospital in a different part of the state, calls into question everything Nell thought she knew about her family when goes to sit by her sick Mother’s bedside.

This is a wonderful novel that caught me by surprise as I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. It hooked me from the beginning and kept me reading, wanting to find out what had been going on behind the scenes of Mary Reilly’s life. The characters all felt real and the setting was perfect for the story.

I kept thinking about my elderly Mother and if she has any secrets also, would I want to know about them. This is my first book my this author and I’d definitely like to read more by her.

I recommend this for lovers of women’s fiction, it reminded me of novels by Barbara Delinsky. I think it would work really well in a book group too as there as some great themes in there.


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