31950001I received a copy of this book from Netgalley and Bookoture in exchange for an honest review.

The Girls Next Door is a fast paced police procedural story set in The Midlands in the UK. A story about teenagers, secrets, revenge, and grief.

This was just my sort of book with a fast pace to the story which was constantly moving forward. I enjoyed the short chapters and the little bits of back story telling me just enough to help me get to know the characters a bit more. I liked Eden and her team, and as this is the first in a new series I look forward to reading more books about them in the future. The teenagers and the situations they found themselves in all felt very real. I didn’t particularly like them but they were good characters struggling with real issues. The storyline about the parents were good as well and felt quite emotional at times. Being a mother of a teenager myself I could image myself feeling the same way if I found myself in any of the plot lines. There were some good twists in there too to keep me guessing how it was all gong to end.

There were so many themes running through this book that I think it could work really well in a book group, particularly the teenage issues.

This is my first book by Mel Sherratt and it will definitely not be my last.