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Book Review: An Honest Man by Simon Michael

I received this b29501519ook from in exchange for an honest review.

I really enjoyed this legal thriller from Simon Michael set in 1960s London. I haven’t read any books in this genre before but as a fan of crime novels I thought I’d give it a go and have been very pleasantly surprised.

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Charles Holborne the main character, a Jewish barrister created by the author who had his own brush with the law in the previous novel that I haven’t read. At the start of the book his business was in dire straights and just as he is thinking of giving up he lands a very high profile case of a reputable solicitor’s involvement in a   gangland robbery.

I was a bit concerned that I might have missed out because I hadn’t read the first book but I needn’t have worried as there was just enough back story to keep me informed of what had happened. It was very enjoyable going back in time to the early 1960s with references to the music and fashions peppered throughout which made feel like I was back in that era.

The plot based on a real case with authentic case notes really helped to bring this story to life. The court scenes were well done and not at all dreary with some excellent descriptions of the proceedings. The tension built as the plot deepened and there were a few twists and turns that I definitely didn’t see coming.

I definitely recommend this to crime and legal thriller fans and really look to the next book to find out what happens to Charles. I think this could work well in a group setting discussing the historical setting and themes of corruption in both the police and the courts.


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